I meet so many incredible women through my work and I am so excited to start connecting you all with each other.  I'm a huge believer in women raising up other women and this is a great opportunity to create some fantastic connections and help each other along in life to encourage and support each other in living as our most authentic selves.  This is for all women at any stage in life because I find that so many of us have our own stories, but don't always feel like we can talk about them.  In a world where visual imagery has been used to pile pressure and insecurities on to women, I want to create an environment that shows each of you your potential and how awesome you are!  Let's see what we can all become with a little extra support from a great network of women.  We're based in Reading, UK, but these meetups are open to women everywhere.



WOMEN raising women

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These meet ups are for any woman that wants to open up to their authentic selves.  It won't happen overnight, but if we all support each in a continued effort to raise each other up, I truly believe that amazing things can happen for all of us.  I've been to a lot of networking events for women in business, but that's not where everyone is.  These meetups are for all of us women who may feel a little left behind in life as we struggle to keep up with the demands of modern life and taking care of everyone else before ourselves.  This is a time that's just for you to focus on you.



100 Faces of beauty meet up

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If you've been part of our amazing 100 Faces of Beauty project, we warmly invite you to join us for regular meet ups with the other awesome ladies involved.  Share stories over drinks and nibbles and connect over shared experiences and accomplishments.