Sophie - Fashion Photoshoot Experience

This was one of our all time favourite, classic shoots and one that really defines the style that we would love to shoot more of, just a great chance to go out and play in Richmond Park.  Something a little fantastical and magical and fairy-taley.  Is that a word?

Sophie is an actress from the North of England and we shot this session back in 2012 to add to her modeling portfolio, with a simple dress from Oasis and a lot of random props from Homesense!

Here are some of Sophie's kind words about working together and some of the gorgeous resulting shots we got together.

My greatest compliments to these lovely people! They are an absolutely wonderful couple and company to work with. Having shot twice with them, I can safely say that I have not felt this comfortable on a shoot in all my years of modelling. The mood on location/ in the studio is nothing but positive, ‘alive’ and productive. The results? Well take a look for yourselves! The images are incredible and the quality just beautiful - the turnaround with getting them back to you extremely quick! Talk about a confidence boost! I would definitely recommend working with these guys - if you get the chance, GRAB IT!!
— Sophie Wardlow