The Avtars - A Family Sunset Shoot in Bracknell

Avtar Family Portraits 2016 002.jpg

We went to a beautiful outdoor area in Bracknell for the sweet Avtar family's sunset photoshoot.  This is one of our favourite locations for the variety of backgrounds, the way the sun sets over everything here and is always worth the trek up from the carpark (even if I was just a couple of weeks away from giving birth at the time)!.  We got to meet the lovely Avtar family on this session too.. there's a beautiful thing about taking people's portraits that makes them open up to you instantly.  We have the time to connect and know that our aim in the session is to capture the essence of who this family is.. that's a big responsibility when we know that these photographs will be kept and looked back on for so many decades to come.  And there's something about knowing that that makes us all open up to our best selves during the photoshoots.  It's the best job in the world when we get to see people at their happiest and capture that for them, and we knew this shoot was going to go well as soon as we met the Avtars.

Amith, the Dad of the family, had contacted us a while before about arranging a family portrait shoot as a gift for his lovely wife, Vaneeta.  It's funny how often it's the ladies that contact us, but we love it when the guys are invested in the process from the start too.  Amith knew that Vaneeta loves having good photos and wanted to arrange this as a beautiful surprise for her and she loved it.  I was 9 months pregnant at the time of this shoot and wanted to make sure we got this booked in before baby came and I'm so glad that we did as the sunset was at it's most perfect golden state that night.  We hit it off instantly and Vaneeta and I got very excited when we realised we were both from the same little town near Birmingham, and as we trekked up the hill to get to the location, Vaneeta told me that she had seen our website, loved our work and was only worried that their own photos wouldn't come out as good as everyone else's.  I've heard this before and it's part of why we do what we do... to be able to produce beautiful images of regular people and show them what we see in them gives us such a buzz, especially when the sole purpose of the shoot is to celebrate who they are right now, everything perfect in its moment now.

Baby Aarav was approaching his first birthday and they wanted to mark this with a special shoot.  Vaneeta was on the verge of returning to work and at that stage where she had had a beautiful time on maternity leave, side by side with Aarav every day, and things were about to change.  It was a lot of fun to be able to take these photographs for them at this turning point, just days before it was all going to change.  We worked through a range of setups and combinations to get all of the different dynamics within the family, as well as some more formal family portraits.

Aarav was an absolute superstar throughout the session.  Despite not feeling very well, he had a constant smile all over his face.. such a happy baby. He did great at staying up past his bedtime too and looked so smart in his little waistcoat and bow tie.. we always recommend a smarter wardrobe that will keep the photos timeless over the years.  We also spent some time on getting some beautiful couple shots of Amith and Vaneeta in front of the sunset.  We get so many people telling us that they didn't love their wedding photos or that that was the last time they were photographed together and it's been a long time, that it's now a standard part of our shoots that we will make sure our clients get beautiful photos as a couple too, because even when there are kids.. maybe especially when there are kids, the parents' relationship is so important to cherish too.

As we're finishing up our session and heading back out to the cars, there's always one photo we see that just has to be taken and this one was it for me.  A beautiful family moment caught in a gorgeous magical setting with the last little drop of golden sun falling behind the trees and one of my favourite photos of the 3 of them from the session.... Well they all came over around a week later, absolutely loved their photos and took home the full set plus two larger prints to put up around their house.  & I went into labour the morning after their viewing session, so we couldn't have timed that any better if we tried :)