Scarlett - Baby Photos at 10 Days

Let her sleep,
For when she wakes,
She will move mountains
— Napolean

Our favourite subject to photograph is always going to be portraits of people.  There’s something incredibly rewarding about being able to document important moments and days of people’s lives in beautiful tangible memories that they can always hold on to and cherish.  That’s why having the privilege of taking baby Scarlett’s first professional photos at just 10 days old is so special to us.

It’s a privilege when our clients entrust their most precious moments with us to capture and having the opportunity to photograph this newness of life was humbling.  As we start exploring more ideas for photographing newborn babies along our portrait photography journey, Scarlett currently stands as our youngest client to date.  To photograph a newborn baby, the time and patience needed is significantly more than for our older clients but it’s so worth it to be able to capture these fleeting changing moments.. don’t babies grow and change so quickly in the earliest weeks and months?

We spent 4 hours on a lovely afternoon with Scarlett and her proud mum, Claire, from Reading.  Having been told that Scarlett spends most of the day sleeping, it was fascinating to watch her be so active and captivated by the whole experience.  In between the nappy changes, feeds and catch ups over cups of tea, we managed to find a couple of hours with this sleeping baby leading to a great range of character photos of beautiful Baby Scarlett.


To be able to photograph the fleeting smiles (ok, maybe it’s just wind, but who can be sure?!) is a tough thing.  You have to be on the ball and ready to get the shot when it does happen, and luckily, we managed to get it a couple of times!

The content look on Scarlett’s face for her sleeping shots are priceless too.  New to the world and not a care to worry about.  Scarlett was a joy to photograph and we’re excited to see her grow over the years.

Detail shots are fun too, soon it will be hard to remember that she was ever so small.

Personally, the side shots are some of my favourite.  Away from the backgrounds and sets, these were just real moments where Scarlett will be spending so much of her very earliest days – in the arms of her doting parents.  I’d love the opportunity to document a few hours in the home of a family with a precious newborn child, for the whole family to look back on over the years.  The constant feeds and nappy changes, the soothing swaying, the dedication and love of the new parents finding their feet, a changing household… all mixed with some beautiful portrait shots… this would be a priceless gift to a young child to take through life.  Let me know if you might be looking for the same when your newborn baby arrives :)

– Sharan Rai

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