Nihal's 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photoshoot

We’re so lucky to enjoy our jobs so much and the range of work we get to do is amazing and keeps us excited and coming up with new ideas.  We love when clients come to us with their whacky and creative ideas and ask us to help bring them to life.

You may have heard of the Cake Smash photoshoot sessions that are all the rage in the US.  The concept is simple, to mark your baby’s first year, you dress them up, put a big creamy cake in front of them and watch and capture as the adorable chaos ensues.  Mita and Ricky contacted us lately about celebrating their gorgeous son Nihal’s 1st birthday using this idea…. but on a much bigger scale!

We’ve heard from so many mums over here in the UK that when they fell pregnant and had their little ones, being part of their local NCT group and having the support of a group of other mums going through the same thing at the same time as them, was a big part in helping them to get through when things got tough as well as in making the good times even happier.  These groups develop a special bond as they go through these life changing moments together and Mita wanted to celebrate with that group of people that Nihal would be growing up so closely with.

She asked us to do a cake smash photoshoot with little Nihal and 10 of his closest friends and cousins!  Not wanting to shy away from a challenge, we hired out a great studio in Barnet, North London, and managed to capture some great portrait photographs of each of the babies dressed up in their cutest vintage gear… we saw braces (our favourite!), caps and bow ties and cooed our way through this adorable shoot.

It was hard work but the results were definitely worth it and Mita was so happy to see her hard work and creative idea come to life so well.  Once the formal shots were done, it was time for the fun part to start… we laid out the 4 large cream 1st birthday cakes and sat the babies in front of them.. we watched as they first looked confused and then slowly started dipping their fingers in, seeing they weren’t being told off for it they went and got stuck in and we managed to get some great little character photographs of each of them.

An amazing idea and such a treat for this fab group of mums to have a lasting memory of their early days together… in years to come, they will still be looking back at their printed photographs of this fun day they had together and seeing how they’ve all changed and that’s the special thing about printing our photographs.  Here’s hoping the next generation don’t miss out on being able to do that as they grow older too :)

Hope you enjoy the photographs and if you’d like to organise a special photoshoot to commemorate your child’s first birthday, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.

– Sunny & Sharan

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