Lucy from High Wycombe Won Our Competition for a Family Sunset Photoshoot

So at the end of the last Summer season, we ran a giveaway contest for a FREE sunset photoshoot session.  The lovely Lucy from High Wycombe and her equally lovely family were the lucky winners and we were so glad to be photographing them. 

Unfortunately, the summer of 2017 seemed to be cut short and a very long winter followed!  Whilst we played with the idea of an autumn shoot, it never quite worked out and the family decided to save their family photoshoot experience until the Spring in the hope of catching some sunshine.  Well, I'm glad they did because the results were some of our favourite portrait photos ever.  Lucy styled the family together perfectly in complementary outfits and I LOVED photographing that gorgeous red hair against the green backgrounds for some vibrant photos full of life. 

We met at Finchampstead Ridges for the shoot and caught the most beautiful perfect light .  All of the photos taken below are using natural light with no sun flare or extra sun added, the evening was as gorgeous as it looks.  Our shoots focus on getting some more formal portraits of the family together and in different combinations but the really fun part is when everyone plays and we photograph those real moments between them.  These will be priceless images for this sweet family, and after a tough start with little Albie in hospital for the first months of his life, a much deserved one too.

Take a look at some of their photos and don't miss the family film we made for them too:

Sharan Rai Photography