Baby Photos at 20 Days

Our own little beauty  I set a little scene up on a sunny Autumn morning in a gorgeous shaft of golden light under a tree in our back garden and came up with this first portrait of our baby girl at 20 days old.  The other images are also in her earliest days doing what she loved the most (sleeping...) and then my first 'proper' photo with her which didn't come until she was 9 months old.  Even in her first few days, I took more photos of her with everyone else than I got with her because people probably assume that the Mum is getting lots of photos with the baby being together all of the time, when quite often we're really not.  That's why I want to really focus on capturing that beautiful bond and the sweet relationship between the baby and its mother in the early days when photographing other newborn shoots and I'm excited to get started with that this summer.

Let us know when your little one is due and we can arrange to come over and photograph you and your little one from the comfort of your own home:

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