Our Free Gift & A Unique Touch with Your Sunset Photoshoot Package

One thing that we truly and passionately believe in is delivering a beautiful and complete product to our clients who invest in us, not leaving them to go and have to print the photos themselves at a local supermarket or shop. 

We all know how quickly technology is changing around us.. from floppy discs, to cd's to usb's to online storage... who knows what will follow? 

The only way that we can make sure you are left with a true life long end product and family heirloom is to print your photos but...

we still get people enquiring saying they don't need the prints, so how much is the shoot then?

Here's the thing.  The cost of printing the photos isn't significant to us but the value of holding those prints in your hands and putting them around the house is priceless to our clients.  They love them every single time. 

Remember looking through photo albums with your family when you were younger?  Maybe you still do. 

Let's give that experience back to our kids and show them that we value our memories together enough to preserve them. 

When you buy our full package of prints, we give you this personalised print box with 9x6" professionally edited and printed photographs as our free gift to you because we care about you having them and we know it's something you will value forever, and then your kids will, and probably their kids after that... Isn't that an amazing thing to be able to give them?






Another unique service we provide are our beautiful family short films.

Whilst Sharan captures your special moments together in photograph, Sunny is busy shooting a special high resolution film for you too. 

The photos themselves are a beautiful and precious keepsake for the family, but seeing everyone in motion in these professional films is something else.

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