Mums Who Take All the Photos, Be In Them Too

I barely used to have any photos saved on my mobile phone.

That was until I had my baby daughter, Jeevan.  Now, at 20 months old, my phone is full and I'm having to back up and delete excess photos on a daily basis to make space for new ones.

I'll take a quick pic of her, and then another, but this time smiling.  Oh and another from a slightly different angle and before you know it, my camera roll is full of several different versions of the same shot of her.   By herself.

I'll see a sweet moment between her and Sunny and think that I need to get that.  Often, it's the real moments captured between them that are my favourites, when neither of them even knows that I'm taking it.

But when it comes to finding photos of me and Jeevan, there's really only a handful.  I've resorted to taking a few selfies with her when we're all dressed up and got to the stage where I literally ask Sunny to take photos of us where I'm not looking. 


I'm not ashamed to admit that I once cried a little when I saw a beautiful photo of us both walking back up the street from a trip to the park, it was so rare to have seen and pictured us both together and it struck me in that moment what a blessing these moments are.  I live them every day but to see them was something else.

It took us until she was 9 months old before we forced ourselves out on a rare Summer's night off to do our own family Sunset Photoshoot and we finally got some lovely photos together (In case you're wondering, it involved a tripod and throwing something at it to get her to look that way but it was so worth it!).

It's not just us though.  Nearly every family photoshoot that we've done around Reading, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, the mums have told us that they wanted to do the shoot so that they could get in the picture with the rest of the family too. 

Bless the Dads, but more often than not, they just don't think to take photos of the kids with their Mum in the same way that women often do. 

We really have to think about what is going to mean more to our kids... a tonne of photos of them on their own?  Or the comfort in knowing that their lives started with us side by side with them for most of the days, playing together, singing and dancing, protecting and nurturing them.. those are the moments that they are going to want to see when they are older and that's why I too need to push myself in front of the camera :)

My call to all the Dads out there is to take more photos of the Mums with and without their kids, and to the ladies is to get yourselves in front of the camera.  Don't worry about not looking perfect, this is your story and this is where you are in it.  Embrace that, celebrate it and leave some tangible memories for your most loved ones.

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