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100 Faces of Beauty

It all started when

we had our sweet, funny, strong willed baby girl with a world of opportunity in front of her.  Her character not yet neatly moulded into boxes created by societal influences.

It dawned on us that we live in a certain time now, where one of the biggest pressures and distractions for all of us, but especially women, is to live up to an unrealistic standard of beauty. 

I was thinking of ways to show her the power of what self love can achieve in a world where we are shown only a tiny segment of what is beautiful, putting us under a constant pressure and distracting us from all that we could be. 

As a female image maker in 2018, and as a Mother, I'm increasingly aware of the impact that my photography can have on those who see it. 

So, we're starting a new project celebrating the vast and varied faces that encompass feminine beauty and sharing their stories. 

Welcome to '100 Faces of Beauty'. 

We are challenging ourselves to take our best portraits, whilst showcasing a true array of beautiful women in our photos and sharing their stories - women of all ages, shapes, sizes, skin tones and styles.

We invite & welcome you to apply, to celebrate your own beauty & share your stories through this experience to start a ripple effect of self-confidence. 

If you've never enjoyed being photographed or ever felt 'unphotogenic', then we challenge you to take part and let us show you otherwise because it's just not a word that we believe in.

The end result will be 100 gorgeous photos & stories of 100 perfectly different women; celebrating beauty in all of its different forms. 

Vicki Lewis - Yoga Teacher from Wokingham

What you get:   You will get 1 fully finished printed portrait to keep as a gorgeous memory & thank you. 

Additional images can be purchased at our usual prices, but there is never any pressure or expectation for you to do so.  If you do, it just helps us to reinvest into making this project as great as it can be.

What to wear:  Bring 2 or 3 of your absolute favourite outfits - a mix of your absolute best and your everyday style will be perfect.  Whatever it is that is true to you and your style.

Hair & Make Up:  We encourage you to prepare your own hair and make up as you would for a special occasion as it's that diversity of beauty and looks that we're interested in.  If you would like someone to do it for you though, we can help find a make up artist, charges are usually around £80.

If you'd like to apply to take part or you want to nominate someone else, please take a minute to answer these 3 quick questions to tell us more about you:

We can't wait to hear from you.

Sharan & Sunny x

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We're interested in all of it.. who you are, your age and passions, where you're from and how you feel about being photographed. Anything you would like to share with us!