A Full On Magazine Style Fashion Photoshoot Experience to Celebrate Your Inner Star

Cameron, a teacher from Bracknell, did one of these shoots with us and summed it up beautifully in an email the next day (before even seeing her photos!).  She came in looking a little nervous and quiet but was shining in all the right ways by the end.  This is often the reaction we get just from the day itself and it's amazing to be able to make such an impact in increasing somebody's confidence where they were previously dreading being in front of the camera but pushed themselves to anyway:

“Dear Sharan,

After lots of thought, I needed to email you to say that yesterday changed so many things for me... each day hands you its own troubles and yesterday before I came to you guys, I was trying quite hard not to cry to be honest.

I left the shoot after meeting you all feeling like I could take on the world. Not only are you all beautiful people to be around but I have never felt so beautiful. I could not wipe the smile off my face all night. I literally skipped everywhere and even my friends down the pub said I was glowing. My face literally hurts today from all the smiling. I cannot thank you enough for what you guys did.

I honestly needed that boost in a way I was not aware of. Yesterday I feel changed me overnight. I have already seen your work and you are most talented. I want to have the pictures to continue to remind me of the person I am becoming and this stop on my journey to my new self is a stop I do not want to forget ever. The experience you offered me yesterday, I feel anyone who is having body confidence issues should do. It is truly life changing.

I am such a sap. I am crying a little while I write this because I cannot believe how much yesterday has given me. I cannot thank you all enough.

Sending lots of love, Cameron”

— Cameron McArdle


We used to call these our 'Makeover Photoshoots' but we quickly realised that they are so so so much more than that.

Now, the makeover part is entirely optional as these are just an amazing chance to embrace and celebrate your own beauty.  If you would like, we will pamper you with a professional hair and makeup artist working in the fashion industry to give you the same expertise as the celebrities get before their big photoshoots.

Every woman is beautiful and there are a million different varieties of beauty.  Unfortunately, sometimes in the world we live in, beauty is too often so narrowly defined.  Where are the older women in the fashion magazines?  Where are the different ethnicities and body shapes? 

I've trained with Fashion Photographers like Emily Soto and Miss Aniela and worked with agency models, but my absolute favourite type of fashion photoshoot is when we take a 'real' regular everyday woman with no experience in modeling and give her this fantastic session where she is the star of our day and we show her that she is every bit as beautiful and worthwhile as the stars we see in the magazines.  Her 'magazine-me'. 

We get so busy in the daily grind, looking after others and putting ourselves last, this is a truly special opportunity to concentrate on you again and take stock of where and who you are and to love being in front of the camera!

See a bit of what we do here:

Our Fashion Photoshoot Experiences are such a fun and empowering session, leaving you with beautiful celebratory images of this time of your life.  We can all look and feel amazing in front of the camera and you don't need to feel nervous with us (although I'm sure you will at the start). 

We promise to give you a great time and encourage you to see what we can do for you too and what your magazine styled portrait photographs might look like too.

Get in touch for more details or to book in your session if you're ready to give yourself an amazing experience - go on, you deserve it!

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