So, I have an aim of using my responsibility as a female image maker in 2018 to show ALL women that they too can look and feel great in photograph.  Because it's a very special feeling that we should all embrace and I've often found that the process of celebrating ourselves itself is just as empowering as seeing the photos for the first time and realising it's really you looking back. 


I've seen many women cry seeing the photos on the back of the camera because of what it means to them and how much it took for them to step forwards for an experience like this which makes them face all of their vulnerabilities and insecurities.  They leave our sessions feeling special and empowered.

Based in Reading, Berkshire UK, I want to see more amazing photos of non-models... more older women (if you count anyone over 25 as older...), more silver hair, more ethnic diversity, more body shapes and sizes and more 'real' women looking amazing. 

I've photographed models and it's great fun, but the personal satisfaction of taking beautiful photos of non-models and making them feel so special for a day is something else. 

I believe that a good portrait experience has the power to lift you up, raise your confidence and enlighten you as to the reality of how the rest of the world around you really sees you, rather than seeing yourself through the filter of harsh self-criticism we are taught to judge ourselves by.


As women, we're surrounded by reasons not to love ourselves... adverts pushing 'anti-ageing' messages as though there is something wrong with getting older, when really it is through the process of time and experience that we grow to love and accept ourselves the most, huge societal pressures to lose the baby weight instantly, a very streamlined and narrow view on what is considered to be beautiful. 

My purpose through my photography is to take whichever stage of life you are at and to take the most beautiful, celebratory portraits of you that you have had.  And I want you to enjoy and embrace being in front of the camera again and to keep stepping into the frame instead of out of it.  Exist in photograph for those who love you will one day wish you had, and exist in photograph for yourself because you are amazing.  I would love to photograph the story of your life.

It might be a family sunset shoot having fun outdoors with your children, and making the effort to be in these authentic photos together, rather than just the odd selfie that you manage to get together.  Let your kids see the real moments between you.

London Womens Glamour Makeover Portrait Fashion Photographer Elysian Studios 119.jpg

Maybe a raw shoot with your newborn at home, capturing your earliest days together in all of their beauty and perfect imperfections, everything just the way it should be.

Or, just enjoy a special fashion photoshoot experience just for you.  Be the star of the show for a day, with a professional hair and make up artist taking care of getting you ready whilst you relax, and then we will get some gorgeous magazine styled images of you.

We're currently running a very special project called '100 Faces of Beauty', which will bring together the stories and portraits of 100 different ladies and we're very excited to start sharing these with you very soon.  There are no makeovers involved here, just each woman presenting her best self and her own individual style and it's exciting to see where this can go.

Kim Stacey 04.JPG

Finally, I meet so many amazing women through my journey as a photographer, and I often think that we don't get enough support in life to talk honestly and openly about the struggles and challenges we have overcome.  I would love to connect you amazing women with each other to build up a positive and supportive network - this isn't a business network, more on a personal level and this will continue to develop over time into something amazing.

Join us in our journey to empower women again through photography, where it has too often been used to limit our own beliefs on what it takes to fit in as 'beautiful'.  There is so much more out there, let's start exploring it together and seeing what can happen when women raise women up -

Sharan x