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I started my journey into photography back in 2007 on a trip to the foothills of the Himalayas.  Evolving from a love of art and drawing portraits to now photographing them, I love getting to know people and really connecting with them to capture something special of who they are. 

My style is vibrant, fun and emotive and my aim is always to find and capture the essence of your beautiful life as it is now. 


That feeling we get when our clients see themselves in their beautiful photos, is just priceless.  I'm excited to see where the journey goes and to bring the feeling of self love and acceptance to more and more people this year.  It's amazing the power a good portrait has to do that -

Sharan x



Sunny is our resident film maker.  Having studied Film in London and New York and now running his own production company, Five River Films, he brings a cinematic eye to all of our shoots.  Together, we bounce ideas around, balance each other out, push each other creatively and see ideas that the other wouldn't whilst staying under the umbrella of our shared style. I’m lucky to have him onboard with his talent and ideas. 

Sunny creates our beautiful films to go with each of our photoshoots, as well as being my second photographer.  If you're looking for a headshot photographer or corporate film maker around Reading & Wokingham & nationwide, take a look at his site www.theheadshotstudio.co.uk