100 Faces of Beauty - Christelle, Aged 40, Make Up Artist

I was adopted by a white family in France so for me, for a long time in my life, the beauty I would see was just white beauty.  I think for me growing up, that's when I started to learn again about my own roots and trying to learn about African queens has been trying to find out about other models of beauty because there's so much variety and everybody is beautiful in my eyes.

For me, it was really important to just find out about other people and beauty.  Also, because I have a daughter, I want her to be comfortable in her own skin and realise that she's got her own beauty and to embrace what she's got. 

It was after my 30's that I started to explore my side of the beauty in my roots.  I think until then I was still maybe mixed up from the adoption side and a bit confused about where I belonged in a while.  And I didn't have any role models as such, whilst living in France in terms of black beauty, and I think moving to the UK has actually contributed a lot to me looking into my own roots and my own beauty because it's a lot more diverse and there's a lot more people of colour in the UK.  So my 30's was when I started to explore a bit more.

And also having a daughter, makes you want to explore that side of you a bit more as well.  I saw your project being advertised online and was really interested when I read the brief because I'm really interested in the area of beauty so that's the first thing that really attracted me.  I'm also really interested in diversity of women and I think everybody from different parts of the world bring something different and I'll be quite interested to see the various 100 women who come for the project.

This is a great project and I'm really glad to be involved in it and we should, as women, really embrace our own beauty no matter what we look like, so thank you for having me in the project.

Sharan Rai Photography